Friday, July 31, 2015

Moto G (2014) + 64GB microSD card - a tech challenge

Moto G (2014) + 64GB microSD card - a tech challenge

We all know Android. It's a quite popular and widespread mobile software platform all over the world and here in Brazil as well. Although sometimes when smartphone makers try to cut costs and offer more affordable devices, the Google-platform enabled devices sometimes come with small room for storing your apps and files. 8 or 16 gigabytes may be suitable in many scenarios, but not a lot when you have so much stuff - videos, apps etc - to store in them.

(now Lenovo-owned) Motorola says Moto G 2014 supports microSD cards with sizes up to 32GB. But there are some folks saying it supports more SD memory.

In this video I laid in my couch put this rumor/myth to test with an Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 de 64 Gigabytes. Will it work? Let's see

Hello YouTube audience. No english captions for now, sorry. But you can figure out the thuth in the end

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