Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blob - a Blogger editor for Symbian (the only one, actually...)

This second 'pre-opening' post is about the tool I use to make and publish it itself: Blob for Symbian OS (I use the great N8 from Nokia to blog here). Being able to blog from virtuallly anywhere is a very neat possibility, and this app does what it claims. In a very simple manner, but yes it does.

The features here seem to be sufficient to make the everyday Sasso's Bar texts. In this version (2.5.1), you can even publish images straight from the smartphone camera or internal memory, something that was missing in anterior versions and was a greatly appreciated addition.   

You can download the app files of the free version by following this link (just wait for the 'close ad' message appear in the top right of the screen and click on that message). There are no limitations in this version, except eventual popup messages that didn't bug me until now (they only appeared once a section, when just starting running the app)

Looks promising. Let's see how better it can get, when the updates come.

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